Our donations, and our clients’ contributions to the Tourism Industry Carbon Offset Scheme (TICOS), continue to have an enormous impact on the lives of the school’s 677 students, who range from nursery age to Year 10, and which include 158 residential students from remote areas.

With our clients’ TICOS support, the school ultimately aims to rely entirely on renewable energy to provide its electricity throughout the year. Druk White Lotus has an ambitious sustainability plan which includes the provision of solar energy, recycling and composting and the growing of produce in greenhouses. More than one thousand trees were planted on the campus during 2008.

The scheme seeks to replace the school’s existing 25KVA diesel generator with an island grid powered by photovoltaic arrays mounted on each of the school buildings. This will help to reduce diesel emissions, which have a noticeable effect in Ladakh’s high-altitude environment.

The school is a not-for-profit organisation that receives no direct public funding. Our consistent donations therefore help provide Druk White Lotus’ pupils not only with reliable solar powered energy, but also invaluable knowledge about their local environment and the importance of sustainable development.

You can read more about the Druk White Lotus School and how our donations make a difference at www.dwls.org

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