Our clients’ TOP SIX most popular wildlife experiences from over the past twelve months:

Silverback Mountain Gorillas (Rwanda and Uganda) – trekking through the Virunga and Mountains of the Moon National Park regions.

“Without doubt the most humbling experience of my life was crouching lower than the big daddy only eight feet away” Clive Jenkins, Bath

“They were in charge… we were their visitors” Sarah Thomas, Washington DC


Grizzly Bears Salmon Fishing (Canada) – the yearly meeting between migrating salmon as they negotiate the waterfalls and the grizzly bears and Knight Inlet, British Columbia.

“The children gave every escaping salmon a standing ovation” Jennifer Bolding, Hampshire

“Simply the most efficient fishing you will ever see” Sharif Khan, Dubai

150 million Monarch Butterflies (Morelia, Mexico) – an annual migration of Monarch butterflies as they kaleidoscope down into Morelia hills from Canada.

“more movement than an autumn leaf storm” Robert Andrew, Hong Kong

“what a delight… we felt like we were in the middle of a fairy story” Matthew Robertson, London

Whale Watching (Norway) – the best summer whale watching experience off Lofoten Island, Andenes. The breeding season illuminated by 24 hour daylight.

“Seeing a double breach so close took the whole boat’s breath away” Aoife McBride, Dublin

“Their size, power and presence was thrilling” Jane Cole, London

Indian Tigers – exploring the Bandhavgarh National Park in the Vindhya Hills, Madhya Pradesh.

“Both tigers appeared through the mist like a bolt from the blue” Patrick McNeill, Glasgow

“We had arrived in the middle of a Jungle Book set” Gemma Matthews, Oxford

The Migration (East Africa) – the annual migration of zebra and wildebeest as they negotiate the Mara plains in search of fresher pastures

“Thrilling – we were simply not prepared for the sheer size of the migration” Arjun Patel, Kensington

“Wow… what an incredible experience.” Jean Donoghue, Dulwich

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